Instructions: Party hat

Start by cutting the paper along the lines. Don't forget tha small half cirkles by the edges - they are for attaching a string that holds the hat in place. A thin elastic string is the best, but you can also use ordinday yarn or goftwrapping string.

Glue on the white part by the edge of the hat, twisted the paper into a cone and fasten it with the glued surface.

If your hat has a paper tassle, cutthat out, roll it up and attack it to the top of the hat with a dab of glue. Attach the string the the hat with glue or a stapler-.The cords that will keep the hat in place attach the cooker with glue or a stapler.

Partyhatt instruktioner

Decorate your party hat

Use gift string to make various fancy tassels. Spin a little gift string around your hand and secured it so that it resembles a bow. Or cut off the ends, making the strands narrower and curl. You can also print out a picture to put on the front of the hat to make it personal.

Partyhatt instruktioner

Ideas: Decorate your bookmarks with a nice ribbon. Glueing them on to a stronger paper or laminating them will make them more durable.
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